The Vision Takes Shape...

“One Step towards Wellness”

A vision that we had when we took the first step towards dedicating an enterprise dearth to be a place, where would be no suffering, no sadness but only happiness and smiles. Biotrex takes this herculean task by formulation & manufacturing high quality, high nutrition health & wellness product to the world.

Business Models

Biotrex operates on 4 different customized manufacturing branding and packaging models
1. Our Product – Our Brand – Your Packaging
2. Our Product - Your Brand – Your Packaging
3. Your Product – Your Brand – Your Packaging
4. Your Product Idea – Our Development – Your Brand and Packaging


Biotrex Nutraceuticals specializes in manufacturing based on the needs of the customer. We manufacturehigh quality nutraceutical products using the latest technologies at competitiveprices. All our active nutraceutical Ingredients are produced using stringent procedures and guidelines that apply to the production of pharmaceutical products. We pride ourselves on the quality of the manufacturers we represent, along with the value we add to the supply chain in terms of technical and regulatory expertise, marketing support and exceptional customer service. The manufacturers those whom we represent, all exceed the most stringent global quality, regulatory & environmental standards, and are internationally recognized as the leaders in their respective fields with value added ingredients supported with clinical data and/or intellectual property.

Nutraceutical & Ayurvedic products, Biotrex Nutraceutical offers manufacturing facilities for the following product ranges:

• Protein Supplement
• Nutritional Tablet, Capsule, Syrup and Powder
• Weight Management and Meal Replacer Supplement
• Supplement for Different Physiological Benefits/Functions
• Energy Drinks & Functional Re-Constitutional One Shot Powder
• Multivitamin, Multi Mineral and Antioxidant Supplement Body Building & Sport Nutrition


The most important feature of packaging is durability and attractiveness. Biotrex Nutraceuticals has ability to create smart packaging solutions to ensure visual attractiveness, leakage proofing, and comfort of handling the products. The professional design team at Biotrex Nutraceuticals can increase marketability of your products by taking care of your packaging needs.

We can provide packaging designs for:

• Jars
• Bottles
• Blister Packaging
• Cartons
• Strip Packaging
• Pouch Packaging
• Induction Sealing
• Shrink Wrapping
• Folding Carton

FSSAI Regulatory Compliance

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. It is a consolidating statute related to food safety and regulation in India. It is an agency of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, and is responsible for protecting and promoting public health through regulation and supervision of food safety.

We, help our clients be FSSAI compliant. According to FSSAI act, 2006 it is mandatory for all Food Business Operators to comply with FSSAI rules and regulations, and without its compliance no food product can be marketed in the Indian Market.

Our regulatory team, which comprises of professionals from Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, and Food Technology background, has an enormous experience in aiding with the following compliances:

• Licensing and registration of food businesses
• Packaging and labeling
• Food product standards and food additives
• Prohibition and restriction on sales
• Contaminants, toxins and residues
• Laboratory and sampling
• Import and export

Private Label

When you partner with us, you have access to the wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition industry and high-quality production.

• We can efficiently execute the responsibility of developing a safe effective formulation for you.
• We take accountability on your behalf for complicated procedures on regulations such as FSSAI.
• We ensure compliance of necessary regulations and cGMP standards.
• We can benefit you from huge formulation and product development costs.
• This will benefit you to save your investment on teams of research & development, packaging development, quality control and assurance etc.
• At initial level you can start from small with reasonable MOQs in standard packaging.

For a sustained growing business you require a reliable business partner who can fulfill matching need of your product standards.Biotrex Nutraceuticals expertise’s in supporting need of their manufacturing business partners and customers. Feel free to share your thoughts and we will help convert them into viable commercial products.

Label Designing

A label is a first point of contact between the customer and the producer and plays a key role in differentiating one brand from the other. It determines whether the product is off the shelf or the customer keeps it back. Hence it should not be overlooked.

We believe that the label should be designed to add marketing value to the product. Our team consists of expert label designers with varied experience in designing labels in the nutraceutical industry. The labeling team understands the requirements of the FSSAI authority in detail, and adds meticulous aesthetics to the product

Formulation and Development

We can help you convert your ideas into safe, effective and marketable products. Our team develops your product to hit the market with following accountabilities -

• Purchase of high quality ingredients from our wide range of suppliers at the most competitive prices.
• Keeping eye on emerging industry trends through cutting edge research.
• Gaining Knowledge on Consumer appeal factors like – taste,color, odor, dosage and others.
• Advising on proprietary ingredients, trademarks, and other legal issues linked to formulation.

Quality Testing

We maintain our commitment having the right people doing the right things, the first time, every time. This includes:

• State of the art technology, which develops and commercializes safe nutritional products that enhance the quality of life
• An experienced workforce, equipped with continuing education in emerging Quality techniques and philosophy
• A management team that is accountable for effective review and support of quality, through the prioritization, resourcing, and timely execution of quality-conscious decision-making.
• Create management mechanism aimed at optimum utilization of creativity, abilities, knowledge, expertise and skills of all level employees.